Question about Edge ovens

I am in the planning phase of opening a fast casual pizza restaurant. I really like everything I have read about Edge ovens, but I am curious about bake times. How low will the bake times go? We’ll be doing a very thin crust, and want to turn them out very quickly, can the oven go to a 3:00 bake time and still turn out a good product?

I could be wrong here, but I don’t think any oven would make an (arguably) good pizza at that time. I have heard the edge ovens are very comparable if not superior to the big boys, but I think most people go for a lower temperature longer bake over the reverse, for the sake of product quality. Again though I could be wrong

I just finished a consulting job and installed 2 Edge 40’s…

Tho he used a little sugar in his dough, the bake time was 4.5 minutes…

I personally prefer a longer bake time to develop more flavor

I set mine up for an 8 min 10 sec cook time at 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The first 3 fingers closed and what Edge calls a finishing finger on the end. The crust is completely cooked through with no gum line and the cheese (whole milk) is not greasy. My 16" dough ball at 22 ounces.

I know that a longer bake time makes for a better product, but we are going for the fast casual concept (i.e. Blaze, Pie Five) which is built on a quick experience which means shorter bake times. I know we will need to find the right dough recipe and bake time and temperature combination. I really was looking for info on the ovens based on this concept. Will the belts provide quick bake times?

Jim, give Edge Ovens a call and talk to Mike or Mark. If you are on the east coast I’m pretty sure they can bring a test oven to you in their trailer and configure it to cook what you want how you want. My experience with Edge has been that it cooks as fast or faster than the Middleby’s, XLT’s or Lincolns I have used in the past. It is my opinion that if any of the conveyors can do what you’re looking for it will be Edge because you have the ability to speak directly with the owners/developers and have them configure it to your needs. I really don’t think you will get service like that from any of the other companies.

I like edge, iv had deck ovens, and mm conveyors. … edge is better on gas, and faster. Not to mention cheaper.