Question about Impinger 2 oven

Hey guys,

I just got my Licoln Impinger 2 Oven (1132).

I bought refurbish version from PES… so I dont have manuel for this unit.

I was wondering if anyone of u can tell me how to change the direction of the belt.

I think 1132 is interchangeable direction as far as i know…

Please help me out


I’m not sure about the 1132, but try taking the cover off the motor—and the instructions may be on the underside of that cover.

Hi Baccocafe"

Switch the position on the two electrical wires to the conveyor motor By changing the electrical polarity the motor will run in the opposite direction.

You will also need to reverse the conveyor belt so it is pulling not pushing the links through the oven. There is a master link that can be used to break the belt.

George Mills

In the Impinger 2, also be on the lookout for a pair of wires labeled t1 and t2. These are wires for a tach that some of the impinger 2’s use. My impinger 2 didnt have these wires, but lincoln told me that if it had those wires, to switch them as well.