question about installing a hood

I’m actually putting the fryers and the ovens under a type I hood.

I talked to the two code enforcement officers and they said that I could put both the fryers and the ovens under the type I hood (with ul 300 ansul system) as long as the hood meets the specifications of the ovens (needs to extend 18" past both sides and front and start 6’ off of the floor).

Response: One question what type ovens are you using?

Usually hoods are hung from 6-ft 6-in to 7-ft above the floor. At 6-ft many folks could hit their head on it
The 18-in overhang appears to be extreme but that may be due to the type ovens you are using. The basic requirement is for a 6-in overhang around the outer perimeter of the equipment.

Some inspectors have required, on deck ovens, a 6-in overhang off the outer edge of the door when open but then 6-in at the sides of the oven, never 18-in.

The basic overhang for a conveyor oven is 12-in from the conveyor opening. On certain conveyor ovens that dimension needs to be larger as there is often considerable blow out from the air pressure. The overhang for the front of the oven is normally 6-in.

The above are norms but you will have to do what ever your inspector requires.

George Mills

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Yeah I know. The good news is I already had an Ansul system.