question about mailing to customer database

what i do now is run a query in my pos, say 30-60 lazy customers. then pos allows me to print labels with names and addresses of those customers, next those labels go on envelope (manually) , 44c stamp, return address gets stamped with one of those things from officemax, inside envelope we put a menu and a coupon. seal, boom, done. Very time consuming. I was wondering if anybody came across maybe a software for a printer that you just put 200 envelopes in a printer and printer instead of printing labels, prints names, adresses and return adress straight on the envelopes? that would save a lot of time. thank you.

If your POS can kick out a digital file, you can create a template in Word and perform a “mail merge” operation to generate a document from which you print the envelopes just like you are wanting. … 34920.aspx

If you don’t own a copy of Word, you could always download Open Office for free. It offers a mail-merge feature also. … Mail_Merge

You should also check out that thread where Ron explains how to get/use a mailing permit for do-it-yourself bulk mailings to save on postage.

Thank you, Brad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you get window envelopes and print both customer and return address on the letter so they show through the windows? Eliminates two steps if you can do it.


I think this is the thread you are referring to.

I use clear cello envelopes for most of my mailings…

Have you thought about just sending out post cards? Postage is cheaper, you can print the address right on them, and your response will be higher.

He wants to send out menus.

Here’s what I have done. Get menus printed up (close tabbed) with the post office indecia already printed on it (no stamps necessary). Merge the addresses to Word and print directly to sheets of mailing labels. The only thing you have to do is put the labels on the menus and drop them off at the post office. You can also save a step by sending a file of the addresses to your printer and have them printed on. They can also mail them for you. Probably not worth the cost of having them do this as 60/90 day mailing lists are not that big.

You kind of missed my point. Post cards are going to pull a better response then mailing out menus in white envelopes, they are also cheaper and have a better ROI.

If you are getting menus from one of the larger printers, they should be able to inkjet the addresses for you…

As far as postcards getting a better ROI, that is something you have to carefully track…Certainly the cost per postcard will be less on a unit cost, but a full menu should generate a higher order amount as the extra real estate can promote a wider range of products and more items at full price versus the typical deals on a postcard…

Possibly. In 20 years of experience I haven’t seen that to be the case, and I am anaI about collecting data.

In order to make menus effective, you need to mail them out with custom envelopes as well. If Boston has to stamp his return address on them, I guessed that he is not using custom envelopes. Sending anything out in a blank envelope is just asking for it to go in the trash without being opened.

I always thought menus could be mailed without envelopes…

Go back and read the OP. We both agree that sending out a full sized trifold menu will beat the returns of an oversized postcard, which will beat the returns of a 3x5 post card.

Sticking a menu in a blank envelope might generate enough sales to cover the marketing costs, but it is easily one of the least effective ways to do back end marketing.