Question about my dough trays

I am needing to order a significant amount of dough trays. I currently use these ones ( … 14021.html) and they work well enough. A problem I was having is that my dough was getting too warm when left out of the walk in on the line, so I had to continuously go in and out of the walkin.

A neighboring business gave me some old dough trays of theirs (I am assuming they are fiberglass as they are about twice as heavy, and show a little cracking) but he was not sure. However my dough holds a longer shelf life in the walkin, and can stay on the line longer. I am assuming it is due to better insulation.

So before I order my new dough trays I thought I would look for suggestions. I was considering going with DoughMate and ordering a couple of dough carts as well. Anyone have a recommendation on what company to use for the best quality?

If you will P.M. me I can provide some input that might also save you some money.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

My health dept made me get rid of all my fiberglass ones. Which worked 10x better. Now we use plastic which seem to crack all the time.

Why did the health dept make you get rid of the fiberglass trays? I use MFG fiberglass trays and they have an NSF stamp on them.

I don’t really know, I didn’t question it. We had a couple of cracked on the edges ones. He made me get rid of those right away. He then said we can’t use the fiberglass ones and said by next inspection he would like to see them gone. I got a good deal on a bunch of plastic ones so I just complied. However, maybe I got cheap plastic ones, but they seem to crack easily so I want to go back to fiberglass.

As I understand it the problem with fiberglass trays/dough boxes is that once they crack, chip, or the gel coat is eroded to expose the fiberglass strands they become a potential food safety issue. Also, since the gel coat itself is a hard material, almost like a hard, brittle plastic any chips of the gel coat also present a potential issue. We have had to relegate our fiberglass dough boxes to the role of storage boxes for spare utinsils.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor