Question about "tender payment later"

I have a dispatcher. I have a driver. The order was pre-authorized by cc. Upon return from a trip, we hit “tender payment later”. The ticket is in the dispatcher’s name. Now, when we go to rock the tip, it shows up in the dispatcher’s till and there is no way move it to the driver’s till. Any suggestions?

I think (sounds like you’re using Point of Success) the person entering the payment passed over a screen where it asks if you want to enter the payment into the till instead of the driver bank. As far as I know, there is no reversing it from there.

P.S. Almost bought your Groupon deal today since the wife and I will be in the area for a couple days next weekend. How is that working out? I think it’s the second time I’ve seen you listed in the past months, so I assume it’s been a good promotion…

Indie is right.

The logged in user’s till or bank is where the payment will go. When tendering payments at the end of the driver’s shift, log in as the driver, check in the lower-right corner of the main menu to confirm the till or bank attached to the login, then tender the payments.

First, I’m an idiot. I obviously meant to post this in the POS Roundtable forum. Posting here was, apparently, a habit.

Second, thanks for the help. We’re having all sorts of issues as we get delivery going. But it gets better every night. How many deliveries is “a lot”. Last night, we had to work in 12 deliveries with one driver and a back up driver and it seemed like a stretch. What do most of you sit-down/delco’s do in delivery on a busy night?

Third,Indie, I’d love to have you in. Ask for me when you do come in as I could probably learn a ton from you. You’ve been at this longer than I for sure.

Next up is Groupon. First, this has been a success for us. Over 60% of the customers are first timers and that makes it well worth it for me. My business experience with Groupon has been less than stellar, but they are a growing company so I have some sympathy. The first time we were on Groupon, we were supposed to be the “feature”. We attended a webinar hosted by Groupon which told us to order 250% of our normal inventory and to double our staff. We were told to to dedicate a person to answering the phone on the day the Groupon came out. Imagine my dismay, when I woke up and discovered we were the third deal in a sidebar for my market. I called to complain and was eventually told that my deal was only sent to men (about 75,000 of the 250,000 KC Groupon users). I complained and they agreed to run it again (a fair resolution). However, on the most recent run, Groupon’s site went down from 5:00 on (it was somewhat up but our feature was moved to the third deal again).

Now the real bad… Groupon is moving to personalized deal. In their mind, they want to target the people most likely to buy your Groupon (based on zip code, gender, previous purchases, etc.). While this inures to their benefit, it probably does not inure to mine. The closer you get to my demographic, the more likely you are to just sell the Groupon to my existing customer (a total waste of money, of course). So, unless I am the exclusive deal to the entire subscription base, I would not do Groupon again. There are 2 local sites similar to Groupon. We used one and had very good success.

Again, I do want to stress that the quality of the Groupon customers has been great. Our check average is higher than usual and they tip well for the most part. I think I’ve generated many new repeat customers already and probably will have many more in the coming weeks. It has not been a net-positive experience.

The first one I saw you do, you were the main deal in the email I got. Perhaps this is where the demographics comes in, you were a side deal on the last one I saw you listed for.