Question about to go boxes

Putting together a rough business plan and the number of pizza boxes out the door each year, whether to go or delivery, would be extremely helpful. If someone knows of a verifiable source or can steer me in the right direction, I would most appreciate it.

Kinda think that number will be unique to your location and kind of operation…From what I gather about folks on this board, sales range from a few hundred to many thousands per day…So this may be a range from 40 boxes per day to 1,000s…

I do not understand why you would need a box count in a business plan. They are part of your cost of goods but you do not need to break that down any more than you would need to estimate how much pepperoni you will use.

Come up with your sales estimate, use a rational cost of goods for your business type and price structure and move on.


If I remember correctly from a similar post he made in another category, he is writing a business plan for a pizza box manufacturing company.

Ahhhh… so how many boxes could he expect to sell for each account opened…

Welll… in that case: Based on the study I did for a related project in pizza store valuation, out of a little over 100 indy stores that sold and making some assumptions for portion of sales produced by pizza and for average price per pizza, I would throw out the number 25,000 boxes per store per year might be a good working number for indy delcos.