Question about what yeast to use for a quick rise dough

We are currently using a fresh “cake” yeast in our fundraiser dough. We let our dough raise for about 30 minutes before par baking it, cooling it, and then freezing it. I am looking for a yeast that will allow the dough to raise in the customers home oven while they bake our product from frozen. Any ideas?

I need the Dough Doctor…hahaha!

Are you saying that you want it to rise AGAIN after having been par-baked and frozen?

No, rise while being par baked. Sorry for the confusion.

Bakers yeast exhibits approximately a 20-minute lag between the time the dough comes off of the mixer until it actually begins to ferment, with this in mind I’d say that your dough is barely beginning to ferment by the time it’s actually going into the oven. You can speed things up a bit by increasing both the amount of yeast (2% is not out of line) and the finished dough temperature (90 to 95F) think “emergency dough”. The other option is to make something like a DiGiorno Pizza dough where a coated chemical leavening system is added to the dough, during baking the fat encapsulation melts off of the chemical leavening ingredients (baking soda and sodium aluminum phosphate) allowing the chemical reaction to take place which generates carbon dioxide as the leavening gas to give a boost in the oven (hence the terms “bake to rise” and “oven rising”. On the other hand, if you give the dough an additional 15 to 30-minutes you’d probably see much improved oven spring.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor