Question about wings

So I need alittle help from you guys. Do you have any suggestions for a good plain oven bake wing? We have a 7 1/2 minute oven time at 450.

You mean a brand to use?

Try the purdue rotiserrie wings if you want to buy precooked or read this to cook from raw: … 842&t=3993

La Nova wings !

I use Perdu rotisserie flavored wings, which is a USFoods brand. They are by far bigger than any wing I’ve seen out there and they command a great price (8 for $5.99). I’m actually thinking about increasing the price to $6.99 because I think I can get it… all day long. Hope this helps.


I was recently told by a food broker that carries Perdue products that they now make this wing in a 10 to 12 per pound size range to match their wing street concept. Should heat up better in one pass through the conveyor than the larger ones.

tyson makes the oven roasted wings that i use. they are a good product. however, which ever brand you choose, be prepared to spend a good bit more than fresh wings.

i have tried the purdue, and a brand called dutch quality and they are also good.

i spoke with the people from la nova over the years and each time they promised samples and never sent them.( at least 4 times ) then this past year at the new york show i figured i would get some answers from them, as i was obviously not impressed with their service to this point, but when they told me the price of their wings, i didn’t care anymore…way too expensive compared to the others.

talk to your distributors to see what they carry and go from there. good luck.

I can help you with everything. Let me ask you first however, do you want wings that will draw customers, or wings of an “also ran” status virtually undistinguished from the competition?

I ask the question seriously.