Question for Daddio

Daddio, I know it’s a fairly long way from you but have you ever visited the County of Forty Mile?

It has been a few years but I have been there. I have a sister that lives in that general area.

Is it someplace you would recommend for a relaxing vacation?

My wife and I have been talking about getting away somewhere “in the middle of nowhere” and a couple of years ago I remember an acquaintance telling me about Forty Mile and how it was the most relaxed and serene place he’d ever been.

I have never thought of that area as a vacation spot myself but it is for sure in the middle of nowhere. I know there are some spots that are great camping as well as some interesting bed and breakfast locations.

That’s pretty much what we’re looking for right there! Added bonus if I don’t get cell phone coverage.

I showed this to the wife yesterday, it sounds very appealing right now. Peace and quiet. Tranquility. No oven to feed. I may go and not come back. :slight_smile: