Question for George Mills or anyone else that can help w/ Bakers Pride Oven

I bought a nearly new Bakers Pride GP61-HP for my home outdoor kitchen but I need to convert it from Natural Gas to Propane. First, can anyone help me figure out the orifice size I need? Parts Town only shows the #48 for this oven and a call to Bakers Pride confirmed this was the only size for this series of ovens. But the HP model is 60,000 BTU’s while all the rest are 45,000 BTU’s. Could this oven really use the same orifice size as one with a 25% less BTU output? Secondly, does anything have to be changed to convert the pilot from natural gas to propane?

That orifice should be OK no need to adjust pilot

I’ve dreamed of doing this, sounds like a fun project!