Question for George

Hey George
We are looking at opening up in Western NY. I’m in the process of doing a budget and was wondering if you could give me a rough idea on hood prices per foot installed.


Hi Capt… Sammy:

Thanks for the question.

May I indicate that a ventilation system is not priced on a per foot of length bases.

The configuration and cost of the system can very widely depending on what type of equipment is to be used. You should be considering not just the price of the equipment but also the costs of operating the system.

The depth of the hood can vary from 3 ft. to 7 ft. The size of the fan can very by hundreds of CFM depending on the equipment under the hood. Very important, the amount of make up air required,(all air exhausted must be returned into the building) and the cost of supplying that air.

Not only do the proceeding determine the cost of the hood, fans and make up air system but the cost of operating those systems can very from very little, to thousands of dollars, if the system is not properly designed.

If you will give me a list of the equipment you intend to place under the hood I will be happy to give you a price for a system to do the job and cost you the least to operate. You will only pay the cost of the system once. The cost of operating the system you will pay again and again, every year.

George Mills

Thanks George
The equipment going under would be:

  1. 40 lb gas deep fryer
  2. 35 – 50 lb gas deep fryer
  3. 48” Gas Griddle

I don’t have an addess yet but shop will be located in Western NY if you need to know that at this point

Thanks again

Hi Capt;

I will get back to you with the info you need.

George mills