Question For Lehmann, Take N' Bake Dough Recipe

I was on here about a year ago, and I found a recipe, I think it said a quick rise, or baking rise? Well anyhow it was apparently a dough that would only rise during baking, and it was suggested for use in Take N’ Bake Operations.

I have recently had a few grocery stores request that I submit bids to provide them with Take N’ Bake products. However, the dough I use at my stores will not stop rising and I am afraid it will go sour before it is cooked. I thought about parbaking the crust, but I am not satisfied with the end results.

I am looking for a recipe for Take N’ Bake only!!!

Do you have any suggestions?

Any dough made with yeast will continue to rise for some time after mixing if it is not refrigerated, frozen or baked. This is why all take and bake pizzas are sold as a refrigerated pizza, with a notice to keep refrigerated. I’ve got at least three (3) take and bake dough formulas posted in the RECIPE BANK. These formulas mnimize yeast to help control fermentation but they also include a coated (fat encapsulated) chemical leavening system to replace a portion of the leavening power not provided by the low yeast level. The chemical leavening system is stable until the pizza goes into the oven, so it only provides rise during the baking process, as an added bonus, should the consumer hold the pizza longer than recommended, or temperature abuse it by freezing the pizza after they get it home, the chemical leavening system will still provide the necessary leavening to make a suitable pizza even though the yeast might not have any fermentative power left. It is also possible to make a fully chemical leavened crust without any yeast at all, but the flavor and dough handling properties may not be the best. If you make a take and bake pizza with a cold dough, apply cold toppings, and keep it refrigerated, you should be able to get about three (3) days shelf life from it without much problem. The coated chemical leavening system used in there doughs is Wrise, available from The Wright Group. Contact Azarel Nieves at or call him at 337-783-3096 (ext. 117).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor