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Dear Tom,

What is the difference if the water temperature was decreased from 105 degree to 50 degree and the proofing time to be increased by one hour before the dough is put in the cooler?

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Pam & Tony

Pam & Tony;
Do mean all of the water at 105F???
Wow! That dough would be nearly steaming hot off of the mixer. Not a good thing!
If you’re putting the dough into the cooler, I recommend using a water temperature that will give you a finished dough temperature off of the mixer at 80 to 85F, then take it directly to the cooler. I never like to leave the dough sit at room temperature before taking it to the cooler because as it sits, it will ferment and become more gassy, the open, gassy structure of the dough acts as a better insulator than a fresh, dense dough just off of the mixer. Thet gassy dough will be more difficult to cool uniformly and you will eventually experience problems with the dough over proofing in the cooler (blowing).
If your shop temperature is around 70F, you will probably be best served using water at about 65 or 70F, assuming a 10 minute mixing time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Low carb pizza dough recipe

am trying to find a recipe for low-carb pizza crust, or better yet a pre-cooked and packaged crust available for purchase.


Re: Low carb pizza dough recipe

I am looking for a very good low carb pizza dough recipe. Any help is appreciated

Way back when I worked at Little Caesars, 105 (or 110) for all water was the temp they used. They also used a VCM for 2 mins to mix the dough. The target age for dough was about 30-36 hours (9-11am was for making dough and it was for tomorrow night’s use).

Re: Low carb pizza dough recipe

Here are some companies that used to provide kow-carb crusts. You might contact them to see if they still produce them:
Teeny Foods 503-252-3006
TNT Crust 414-431-7240
Pendleton Flour Mills (dry mix) 800-426-0101
Pasta Fresca 303-465-4994
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor