Question for Tom Lehmann

Hi Tom.

I’m thinking of using a roll in refrigerator for my dough cart instead of a walk in. Will there be sufficient cooling even if the door is being opened frequently (as frequently as a walk-in)?


We don’t recommend reach in coolers for storing the dough because they do not have sufficient refrigersation capacity to cool the dough consistently and uniformly. You will then end up with “blown” dough. The only time that a reach in is acceptable is when you are working with frozen dough and you are using the reach in cooler to slack-out (thaw) the frozen dough balls/pucks.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

chris, i use a 3door cooler dedicated to dough it sems to work just fine because that is all we are using it for

Fat Boy,

I have a 3 door sliding glass cooler from True. Are you using something similar? How do you store your dough in your cooler and how much can you fit in. I don’t think my sheet trays will fit. Do you put your dough balls in separate containers like Dough Pro sell?

And thanks again Tom for the info!!!



mine is a 3 seperate doors stainless unit i can fit about 60 dough trays in there
i also have a 3dr slider you are right you can’t fit in 1826 pans or dough trays in them
but if you go to walmart look in the sterilite section you will find a clear box 16
20 with lid this
might work for your storage restrictions

The Fat Boy