Question on one of our 'Everyday Specials'

Hi all,

we have an everyday special where the customer can get 2 Large 2 Topping Pizzas for 22.99. We sell quite a few of these but have noticed that customers are starting to get this special and add additional toppings to it. We are currently allowing this as I see it as additional money on the sale but my wife sees it as the customer is working the system since they know that is cheaper to start with this special and add toppings than it is to start with 2 cheese pizzas and additional toppings.

What are your thoughts on this?


In my stores, I train my staff to offer such specials whenever two large pizzas are ordered even if the customer was unaware of the special to begin with. We “work the system” for the customer to generate good will.

Will they order two large pizzas with at least two toppings on it without the coupon? They might not.

Let them add on to your coupon, your average ticket will grow and you won’t upset your customer base if this is something you’ve already been doing. You should make up for any cost in the additional price of those extra toppings

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Yes, allow the customer to make it easy to do business with you.

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We have the same special and allow the customer to add additional toppings. I don’t see how they are working the system if they are spending more money. Lots of times customers won’t order 2 toppings and lots of times they order more. You will hurt your business and lots of unhappy customers being this picky if you don’t want them to “take advantage of the system” then remove the special. Your are in the customer service business just like you are in the food business whether you like it or not. Just last week we had an unhappy customer leave us a bad yelp review I emailed him and offered his next meal on us he ordered maybe 30 bucks worth of food was really happy walking out my door, removed his negative review, and will probably continue ordering from us and hopefully will tell people about our service.

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With yelp being the way it is and people running to write a bad review instead of a good one why take the chance. I had a customer write us a bad review because I told them that we charge for pesto sauce and they didn’t think they should have to pay because they are allergic to tomatoes sauce. They also exaggerated and said we gave them bad service and that we could care less about their allergy which was totally false because I was the one who took their order. People are petty save yourself the daily headache of people’s complaints.

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Yep, we’re always the bad guy. We have a Fundraiser card that entitles the customer to 1 Free Large 1 topping pizza and then 7 BOGO Large 1-Topping pizzas. Keyword here is “Large”. People wanted to use it for XL’s, Sicilians, and Gluten Free pizzas. We eventually set it up to allow them to buy the XL, Sicilian or Gluten Free and get a Large 1-Topping for free, however before we made this decision we had a customer on Facebook leave us a terrible review (loyal customer for 3 years at least) about not willing to work with someone with a health condition because we wouldn’t give her a BOGO on Gluten free pizzas (this is not create your own coupon people!!!) People don’t get their way and they run to social media

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