Question regarding my Licoln 1132

I have Lincoln Impinger 1132 3phase electric conveyer oven

and after I did some cleaning, it won’t go above 450F … It used to go up to 500 w/o problem.

what should i look for? any expert here to help?

thank you

The most likely answer is a loose plug. Make sure the three prong plug is tight in the wall socket and everything is well connected.

If that is not it, my next guess is heating elements. Under the back panel there is an array of coils that provide the heat. They burn out. I used to replace one or even two per year on my triple stack of this model oven. They cost about $35 each and I would stock a couple of them.

You need an electical testing unit to check for a good circut on each one. Mine cost about $30 at the local hardware store. The first time you open up the back and test all the units (you have to disconect each one) it will take you a couple of hours to go through them all.

My guess is that if the problem is coils that you have two bad ones. With one bad one you can generally get to temp but not hold it when cooking.

This is not too big a deal once you get used to it. In the 10 years I owned these ovens I did it a number of times.

Thank you for the tips

I just checked the wires and seems like it is fine…

this is happening after I clean it thoroughly…

anyway, do you know where I can buy the coil? and how I can exactly change it? any instruction? or diagram?

thank you again

To check the coils you need to take the back cover off and test each coil one at a time by disconnecting it and checking for circuit continuity. When you take the back cover off, only unscrew the bolts that hold the outer panel and leave the inner ones in place. (pretty much every other one)

The coils are about 7-8 inches long. The connection points that are close together are for adjacent coils. I think you will see what I am talking about when you look at it. If you find one or more that is a bad circuit, you take the internal panel down and remove the bad coil(s) and replace it (them). When you are looking at it you will understand how to do it. No need to take down the inner panel if all the coils are good.

You can get the coils at MF&B 724 628 3050 or from Ecolab at 800 727 8713.

Last time I bought them they were about $30-35 each. If you are going to run 1132s you will want to keep a spare or two around. Replacing them is no big deal once you figure it out, but having the oven down while you wait for parts is a bummer.

Another possibility is your tempurature controll unit.

Really appreciate your help

I will try : )