Question setting up a soda fountain

I’m looking at an 8 head soda fountain.
It’s just the 8 heads and metal cabinet there fastened to.
No carbonator, syrup pumps or any thing else.
It just has 8 tubes with metal connectors on the ends.
I don’t know if they connect to pre-mix containers or post-mix bag in box pumps.

I want a BIB system; I have no intentions messing with canisters.

My question is if I’m willing to buy the components, does this system sound like it could be setup for BIB?

Thanks in advance,

yes, but why? Coke/Pepsi will set it all up 4 free in most states…

Thanks for such a quick reply.

The reason is I want to have my equipment ready before opening and as far as Coke/Pepsi is concerned I’m sure they would want to either lease the equipment to where it would cost in excess of 5 grand when all is said and done (I’ve heard of those deals before) or if they just give you the equipment I’m sure you’ll get a less favorable price for the product.

I can get all of the components for a complete system for less than $500.00 and there’s nothing like owning something outright where you don’t have to answer to any one.

Think about it.
You balk at them jacking the price up the first thing they’re going to say is isn’t that $5000.00 machine worth any thing to you, do you want us to take our machine back?

F%&@#@ that!!!

doesn’t work that way…I prefer coke products myself…you can buy coke from coke, US Foods, Sams…coke doesn’t care…pepsi is another story tho…

plus you have to do all the repairs, brix etc - not worth it INMBAO

The only issue with having Coke or Pepsi install the fountains is that they expect you to use only their products in them. This isn’t to say you can’t get one from Coke and one from Pepsi, but getting an 8 head from Coke and running 4 Pepsi products in there may get you in some trouble.

Also, now is the time when you can try to negotiate a deal with them for a lower price. If their price is too high for the syrup, buy from your normal vendor.

You can ALSO try to get some marketing money out of them. Coke-logo banners with plenty of room for your specials, etc are pretty easy to get. They might even help with menu boards, etc.

Oh, and if you decide to do beer, guess who will install free taps for you as long as you use their products? Again, you buy the beer from the distributor, but corporate (or the distributor, I forget) pays for the taps.

From what I’ve read on here, Pepsi is more likely to give you better negotiated prices than Coke.

My PERSONAL opinion is that I drink “Coke” products. One of the worst parts about dining in at Pizza Hut (other than the food) is being stuck with Pepsi products or LOUSY tea.

Call Coke or Pepsi (preferably Coke, imo)

They may not even do lease deals anymore. Not sure, as I’m part of a chain, but the lease was only $60 a month about eight years ago.

Personally, I think there is enough equipment in the store to maintain without having to worry about soda equipment as well.

Plus, you only have the fountain. You will have to purchase all the lines, pump, bib system, rack and whatever else you need. Then pay someone to install it all.

Call Coke and they will provide “everything” and install it free. If there’s a problem just pick up the phone and call them for “free” service.

And you can bug the syrup from Smart & Final, Sam’s, Restaurant Depot, US Foods, Sysco, Concord and any other number of places.

I don’t know what kind of volume you are talking about, but you might want to look at getting a bulk CO2 tank as well. Its automatically filled every month through a hole in the wall to the outside. Big pain running out of the little CO2 tanks or just constantly changing them out.

i have 2 pepsi fountains and 2 pepsi coolers for 2 ltrs they gave them to me at no charge pepsi has no minimum purch but coke wanted me to sign a contract that i would buy like 500 gals a year

just call your local pepsi dist

When we first opened (13 years ago) coke wouldn’t do much for us, they wanted us to “lease” the machine. Pepsi gave us a machine. They also gave us a few cases of cups, table tents, any kind of signage if we wanted it. Every few years we get together, they give us a newer machine, a couple cases of cups, table tents etc. A few years ago we started signing a contract that they will be our only dist. but in return they give us $ rebate on any case or BIB we use. (comes to around 1500 rebate a year) and a check for being loyal to only them (I think its 175) anyway they fix my machine, clean my lines everything for free.

When we opened our second store, same deal. So I have become a fan of pepsi for the way they treated us over the years.

We are allowed to use Dr Pepper on their machine and we brew our own iced tea cuz the fountain tea was terrible.

Call em. Call coke too and see who WANTS your business.

Here is the crux our our issue. They expect a certain purchase minimum ot make their service calls meaningful, as well as the cost to them of locating the equipment int the store. We don’t move nearly enough soda yet for them to install a setup. However, we have been off their radar long enough, and have a new location . . . so they may gamble on us.


Give it a shot. I’m sure you can negotiate something. Do a delivery once a month or something. Talk to the other places in town. Tell them what you are doing, and get a co-op together.


I lke that idea. We can get a route all on the same day, and keep the distributor’s inconvenience low, so we become a simple service customer group. Thanks for the idea/reminder that several small customers can be better than one large one :smiley: