Question....what gives NY Pizza the stretchy crust?

I’ve always been curious about what gives NY style pizza their famous, thin yet soft & stretchy crust? have tried to emulate their pizza by adding a little bit more gluten to our dough mix, even though it makes it stretchy, it is not the same.

If anyone can let me know or give me a good dough recipe for NY style pizza, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


start with All Trumps flour…

Pizza,its all in the water my friend. NY,Philly and AC have the best water to bake with as far as bread and pizzas are concerned.This has nothing to do w/ how good you are or aren’t or the flour your using. Some people have water buffalo trucks ship them water from NY.There is a scientific answer to this, butt I’m just a pizza maker.


H20 is an old wife’s tale, as per Tom Lehman