Questions asking from an chinese Pizza store oprator!

Dear Mr. Green:
My name is Yang; I just want to open a Pizza take-away business. But, I do not have any experience of pizza business (I have been worked in a Pizza store as Pizza boy).I would like to you can consults for me.

I would like to open a about 60 m2 Pizza store which only take take-away business somewhere in cheap location near by down-town’。 I can save more money in house fee and cost of employer to make a very good price offer to my custom. I also promise deliver our pizza in 20 Min after order.So, deliver Speed, cheap and delicious tast will be my strategy.

I would like to ask some question to you:

1.If I want daily produce 100 Pizza, what kind of the machine I should to buy? Where I can find these in formations.
2.In rush hours (6 orders in 10 min), how much Pizza boy I need to deliver pizza in 20 min in 5 km zone?
3.Do you have any suggestion or advice to me for my plan?

I am looking forward to hear you voice. Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Your Sincerely,


Hi Mr Yang:

In what city and state will your shop be located?

You Mention down town, What will be your hours of operation? 7 days or?

How large a building, if any, have you selected?

Many Down town locations have offices or some times dwellings above. That makes ventilating the cooking area difficult. Will you have a building with upper floors?

George Mills

You will probably want to reconsider your promise of delivery 20 minutes after the order is placed. Depending on how your kitchen is set up, in a really big rush, it can be a challenge to produce pizzas in under 20 minutes… Then you still have to deliver it!

Also, a time-based promise (especially 20 minutes) almost requires delivery drivers to adopt unsafe driving habits… That’s a big liability to you as a business owner. This is a big reason that Domino’s no longer advertises 30 minutes or less…

Good luck in your new endeavor!

The normal advice anyone on this board gives to someone asking these types of questions is to go get experience working in a pizza shop.

The fact you have said you have worked in a pizza shop and are still asking these kind of questions is a little worrying.

As said above 20 minute delivery ain’t going to happen. Even the guys on here who have very slick high volume operations are going to tell you that it is a struggle keeping to 30 minutes at certain times during the week never mind 20 minutes.