Questions on online ordering

Hi all!

I’ve found that most ordering systems are badly designed and overpriced and I’m working on a new online ordering system for a fair price and a great user-experience.

I know many people are unhappy with MenuDrive as there was a post about it on here a few months ago. I’m looking for some info on what problems you have with your current online ordering system.

Here are some questions I have or if you have a general comment I’d also appreciate it:

  1. What PoS system do you use and does it offer online ordering?
  2. What is wrong with your current online ordering system? Do you get more incorrect orders/manual corrections/customer complaints? Do your employees like using it? What complaints do they have?
  3. How much does it cost you to currently run your system?
  4. Do you find yourself contacting support often? Did you like a guided setup or a more manual setup?
  5. Do you have a mobile app and do you want a mobile app (other than GrubHub or DoorDash)?

Thank you!

(moderators: I hope this is OK since I’m not advertising anything, but please remove if it violates the rules)

Also, in exchange for the help, if you message me, I’ll do a mockup of your online menu for you free. julian [at] phebos [dot] com

MenuDrive now sucks. Problem, they used to be a local company now Lava or someone bought them. Before could fix a problem while on the phone in a minutes now all calls go directly to India. Asked multiple people to offer No-Contact delivery for customers and they cant do it. BUT if you choose third party delivery from Doordash they offer it. You stupid frkn idiots thats why we went with a small company with small monthly fee.

Awesome, thanks for the info. How often do you contact support? Is it generally technical support or updating a menu?

Also, do you run your own delivery service (or would you like to?) or just rely on DoorDash? Why or why not?

Only contact support for help with something or through this covid shit and they were worthless. We have our own delivery car. We use GH and get maybe three hundred a month in sales and invite all of there customers onto menudrive. Just canceled UberEats and slice. We do alot with Doordash and they deliver themselves.

why did you cancel Slice? I had them but fees seemed too high, now they claim to charge only 2.25 and 4% CC fees. Any advice , thanks