Quick help with selling a Fryer over Craigs List, out of st

Hey all, i have a fryer posted on Craigs List, and i have someone that called and texted me that they are interested in it and want to buy it for $2000 and they will pay for the shipping. In the listing I have they I will take credit card through my business… but i’ve never shipped something like this before.

How do I go about making sure this is legit? They want to pay with a VISA.

Thanks all!

Re: Quick help with settling a Fryer over Craigs List, out of st

Have them fax a copy of the Visa and their Driver’s License with the matching billing address on it. Then have your credit card company process the charge before shipping. Then just ship it insured with a LTL carrier. Also fax or email a contract of the sale with as much info about the transaction on it as possible. Get a signed copy sent back too you certified mail and then sign your line and ship a copy with the fryer to the new owner. Also make sure that you verify that the number you are talking to this individual on is listed in their name. Just make sure that everything adds up. If something seems wrong…question it. :!:

gotcha, thanks for that info! It’s a Perfect Fry unit, so it’s only like 28"x24x24 so i should be able to ship it via Fedex

you might also conseider a local escrow service, like one you might use/see on ebay…I wouldn’t be comfortable - possible charge back & little/no recourse…

If i get a picture of the credit card and drivers lic. today, call Visa and tell them i’m a merchant and have them verify the card… then if thats good, use my POS to then process the card… payment will post to my account in 2 days (which would be on Monday). If I just ship it on Monday or Tuesday after it’s posted, then I should be good to go, right?

When I process the card I was going to fax them the credit card slip along with the Make Model and Serial of the unit for them to sign and fax back to me.

Visa can’t just remove payment once it’s already in my bank account, right?

a charge-back can occur even if the $$$ are in your account…use an escrow service…sounds a bit fishy 2 me…

how does an escrow service work? and how do all of these equiptment places sell to people all over the country without have many issues?

just google escrow service for some leads…

If you were an equipment dealer, you could indeed just ‘sell’ over CL with your credit processor, but I just feel based on what you said, the plan has a less than perfect smell…

The buyer can get a money order from the P.O. or a bank & when that check clears, then you are good to go…

If he has credit on his card, he can get a cash advance & get you the funds…

Have the buyer arrange and pay for his own shipping. You just have it on a pallet, packaged, and ready to be picked up. If the buyer was planning on scamming you, I wouldn’t think that he would go through the hassle of arranging shipping and then trying to scam both you and the shipping company out of money at the same time.

he’s got me talked down to $1700 from $2000 and wants to use Fedex because it’s $20 cheaper then UPS… I told him i’ll get it boxed up and he can call fedex and pay them directly for the shipping instead of me. He sounds legit and i’ve talked to him on the phone a couple of times… do scamers go this far?

o yes, and shipping is $162 from Fedex and $180 from UPS

At this point I would consider telling him you will ship it COD or something like that. If he already talked you down $300.00 bucks, I’d try telling him that you can’t absorb the cc processing fee and the $300 off… or that the CC processor won’t let you do the transaction that high, etc.


There can be a lot of reasons he wants to use the cc. Earn points…easy way to finance without a loan…etc. Getting a cash advance from all cc companies I am sure is not a route he will take. The rates will make it not worth the expense. I think the idea if him arranging and paying for separately the shipping is not a bad idea. Make sure that he insures the package for the $2000 value and not just the standard $100 included coverage. Also document the unit with a lot of pictures before it ships and also of how you have packaged it for shipping. If you are ok with the $1700 on the unit…take it. Just inform him of your requirements. First being the faxed info and verification of who he is and have your cc processor call the cc bank of issue and verify the transaction. The bank should call the card holder to verify that this was a legitimate charge and by doing that will take most of the chargeback fear away. If the buyer questions any of this…walk away. You are doing him the favor of running the card for the charge…so he should not have a problem with any of this if he is legit. Good luck.

I’ve purchased several pieces of equipment off Ebay from similar circumstances. On one instance, I paid and booked the shipper, then sent a certified check after pickup was confirmed. On another, I agreed to pickup and pay cash.

Hi Integraoligist

Caution caution caution;

We have been in the equipment sale industry for many years. WE do not make sales via credit card. To Many problems,to many scamers out there.

There is only one way you can be paid. That is if the buyer is honest. There are many ways the buyer can dodge payment or make collecting from him so difficult that you finally cut your price drastically to get something.

He can claim the unit was not as he was told. He can say it does not work or make up lots of other reasons why he should not pay or should get a reduced price.

I do not know how you as an individual can protect yourself, but be cautious. I am fortunate to have, what I believe, is a sterling reputation stretching back 50 years, buyers know they are going to get what they ordered. Its not that way with an individual seller. You no doubt have a sterling reputation but probably the buyer has no way of knowing that

Good luck

George Mills

ok, heres the text that we’ve been going back and forth with:

+: I was calling about the perfect fry that you have on drains list… Do you still have it? 8:09 PM
Me: yes i do, were you looking to buy or trade for a VCM? 8:13 PM
+: Craigs list I mean 8:13 PM
+: Vcm?? 8:14 PM
+: I was looking to buy it… How much are you asking for it? 8:14 PM
Me: i’m not sure, when i bought it new it was almost $7000. but as it’s a few years old, not sure what it’s fully worth. New filter and circuit board in it too. 8:17 PM
Me: what kind of pricing are you thinking? 8:17 PM
+: You can get one used online for between 1800 to As much as 3000 depending on condition… We are needing to be around 2000… It is for a ministry 8:19 PM
Me: i could possible do it for 2000, i’ll have to check with the wife first though because it’s such a big ticket item. Were are you located? 8:21 PM
+: We are actually in south Carolina… Where are you? 8:22 PM
Me: about an hour south of Chicago. 8:24 PM
+: I would be willing to pay for shipping… Is in good working condition? No problems with it? 8:25 PM
Me: yes it’s in perfect condition and works great, just took it out of my restaurant. How would you be paying for the unit? 8:26 PM
+: You have a way of taking a visa? 8:27 PM
Me: yes, through my other restaurant. Ok, let me talk to the wife about it and i will get back to you a little later tonight. 8:29 PM
+: Great I appreciate it 8:32 PM
Me: Ok, she wanted to know if you’d be able to go to $2200 plus pay for the shipping? 9:47 PM
+: We are maxed at 2000… We willhave to come up with shipping… It is a ministry so our budget is very tight 9:51 PM
Me: ok, she gave me the ok on it. Now I have to figure out how to ship this thing. 9:53 PM
+: Can you send me some pics… Also what year is it? email@hotmail.com 9:54 PM
Me: yes i can… i’ve got a few photos on here right now i’ll send you… it’s dirty, but i’ll clean it up for you before it gets shipped out. 9:59 PM
+: I appreciate it… Have you had any problems with it in the past at all? 10:00 PM
Me: just sent you the photos, the only problem i had with it was timer, which was under warrenty, they had a pro come in and replace the whole circuit board. 10:04 PM
+: It is fixed now though??? What year is it??? 10:04 PM
Me: of course that was about 6-8 months ago, it’s been perfect since then. 10:05 PM
Me: i’ll have to get the year of it tomorrow morning, i can’t get to it right now. I’ve got a freezer sitting in front. I’ll text it to you in the morning. 10:08 PM
+: If you would give me a call so we can work out shipping and payment 10:09 PM
Me: will do, i’ll give you a call in the morning once i get the info on the unit… I’ll need you to email me a photo of the Visa and your Driver’s License with the matching billing address on it. We all need to be carefull of scams on craigslist. I’ll also get it weighed and call Fedex to see how much it will cost. 10:15 PM
+: Sounds good… Will talk to you in the morning… Thanks 10:19 PM
Me: talk to you then. Thanks 10:20 PM
+: Did you get that date that it’s was made??? 9:29 AM
Me: hi, yes i looked all over the unit and can not find a date… plus i’ve been on the phone with verizon for the last hour trying to figure out the issues with my cell phone. did you need any more info on the unit? i was thinking of ways to ship it lastnight, i think i can just take it to fedex, it’s like 60lbs. 10:07 AM
+: There should be a serial number… If you can get us tha and any other number… Also take a picture of the gauge on the side for the Ansul system 10:10 AM
Me: ok, i’ll do that now and email it over to you. I’ll let you know when i send it. 10:11 AM
+: Thanks 10:13 AM
Me: ok, just sent it. you can magnify the one to see the serial# and other info, and i noticed a date on it as well, it’s Jan. of '00 or '99, not sure which. Also, the pic with the ANSUL gauge, it is in the range… i took the pic at an angle so it looks like it’s in the red, but it’s not, it’s in the green. 10:24 AM
Me: did you get the photos? 11:23 AM
+: The guage is not clear at all… Can you redo it 11:29 AM
Me: i can try, i’ll let you know in a couple of minutes. 11:34 AM
Me: ok, sent over 3 new photos… let me know how they are. 11:49 AM
+: It is still hard to tell… Does it have a full charge??? 11:58 AM
Me: yes it’s full, the middle green area is where the gauge should always be at so it’s not over or under charged. And yes it’s in the green zone. 12:07 PM
+: It is made in 1999… It is worth approximate 1400 to 1700 depending on condition per perfect fry co. I thought it was newer… What is the bottom line p 12:11 PM
+: rice you will go do to age and condition 12:11 PM
Me: ah, if i didnt sell it i was going to put it on ebay for $2500 i figure i would walk away with 2200 after paying their fees. But what do you think about 1800? 12:18 PM
+: Did you find out shipping 12:20 PM
Me: no, i’ll give them a call now on it. I’ll let you know. 12:36 PM
+: Cool thanks man 12:37 PM
Me: what is your Zip? 12:38 PM
+: 29360 12:41 PM
Me: ok, well you’ll get away with it under $2000, the shipping is around $162.41 for ground shipping and with a signiture and insurance for $2000 12:57 PM
Me: want me to get pricing from UPS? the $162 was Fedex 1:09 PM
+: If you could that would be great 1:10 PM
Me: ok, it’s $176.85 through UPS. Did you need any other info? 1:16 PM
+: I talked to my wife… Will you go 1900 total… It’s highest value is only 1700… Also will you guarantee it works? 1:19 PM
Me: ok, thats fine… i’ll get the $1740 from you, then when i goto ship it out call you so you can talk to Fedex and pay them directly… will that work out? 1:33 PM
Me: i’m looking for other shipping options to see if anything is cheaper… if i find something i’ll let you know. Otherwise I’ll start degreasing the unit so it’s nice and shinney for you. Just let me know when your ready. 2:08 PM
+: Will probably make the transaction tomorrow if that is good with you 2:21 PM
Me: yeah thats fine. Been asking people the best way to do this, and it seems I need a photo of your drivers lic. and the Visa your using, i’ll process the card, and when it prints out the paper to sign, i’ll put the serial and model on it, fax it to you to sign, then fax it back to me. So we both have a copy and are good 2:32 PM
+: That sounds good… How long will you guarantee it to work? 4:59 PM
Me: sorry about the late responce, i was working, busy night. I’m not sure how long I can guarantee it, it has always worked fine except for the circuit board replacment that was done a while back, unless Fedex smashes the unit it should work for years and years. 9:31 PM

So he actualy called Perfect Fry company on the machine to get info on it… what do you all think?

A couple of things. First, it is always a risk but if we didn’t take them nothing would ever sell and ship. Just make sure you process that charge before it ships and have the bank verify the charge with the buyer. Second, not having worked with fryers before… you are talking about the gauge for the Ansul system on the fryer. I am famililar with Ansul suppression systems…but from what you describe, am I correct to say the fryer has its own self-contained system? The reason I ask is you have a shipping quote but I am betting you cannot ship the Ansul system without a hazmat lable attached and then it will have to be shipped ground only. This is something that could greatly change the shipping cost because it won’t be placed on a plane heading up to the Fedex terminal at O’hare. It would really suck getting paid for shipping and then costing you twice as much.