Quick Hobart question

Which Hobart model is the most commonly used (60 QT.), the HL600 or the HL6621? The only difference I see is the number of speeds and attachments? I didnt even know there were two types…which one do you use?

Focus on the power of the motor. someone else will tell you the two levels that appear out there. Get the highest HP motor you can find & afford in the size mixer you need.

Many people use the H-600 for pizza dough, but I believe the only 60qt Hobart that is meant to be sed for mixing heavy doughs is the P660.

Most all of our clients use The H600.

Nick is correct, used units can be as low as 1 hp for the older units 2 hp is the most common on the later models.

George mills

The H-600 is really designedas a light to medium duty mixer. The P-660 is designed as a “workhorse” as is the new Legacy series of Hobart mixers. Another good bet is an 80-quart Model 802.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Another good bet is an 80-quart Model 802.

I agree the M802 is best but the greater percentage of pizza shops appear to prefer the H- 600.

Unless they have changed the gear ratio on the Hobart P660 all our clients who got one found the hub speed to slow for shredding cheese. Some tryed adding a spped drive to the hub but that unit could not take the strain and soon failed.

Because Hobarts are so strong none of our clients buy new.

George Mills