QuickBooks For Restaurants

I’ve been looking for a way to better organize my books here and i stumbled on these videos this lady posted about how she used quickbooks for her place (sounds like its a bar and grill in Florida) They seem fairly good but their are a few thing missing like payrole and such. thought i would share it with yall and see if anyone has anything to add or comment on?


I’ve used QB online w/payroll for 8 years. My bookkeeper and CPA can access online to do taxes and reports. You should have a CPA help you set your books up, but after that, its easy. Its not brainless and requires a little learning, but can save alot in the endrun: pay your own payroll taxes, state and fed taxes, etc… My CPA does tax returns for myself and the business.

I do not use QB online, but i do use QB. My accountant setup the file oringially, and we just pass a backup copy between us each month. I input certain things, then she does the rest. I plan on eventually learning how to do it all, but for right now i am content with filling in checks, and 5 of the forms (she does the remaining 20 or so).

We run our pizza shop and our other carryout on Quickbooks. We do our payroll through it too. It’s pretty easy to use.

We use quickbooks and have Wells Fargo do payroll and payroll tax about 120 per month. We then use an accounting service for end of year and file taxes , about 400 dollars. We used to use a CPA without quickbooks and pay 7,000.

Hey Tom—Make sure you set up SpeedLine to auto-export your accounting data for Quickbooks at day end too. Save yourself time, and avoid data entry errors. In Store Manager, press F1 and search for “Quickbooks” or “General Journal file.”

@Jennifer@SpeedLine I looked into that and for some reason it didn’t work for me…besides i prefer to look at the #s myself and put them in keeps me connected

Connected is good. But if you find you don’t have time, Support can help you with the steps to map your G/L accounts.

@Jennifer@SpeedLine cool cool! i know, you guys rock; if i feel the need I’ll call support to help me work it out.

No problem, @tguag. Just making sure you’re doing the work by choice… :wink: