Quickbooks Point of sale?

Quickbooks point of sale and their add-ons (credit card machine, printer, ect.) was what a business consultant told me to get. He doesn’t know pizza too well and i was wondering if their was a system that was possibly better than that. I am opening a pizza place soon and I am pricing everything/looking for things to make my business successful. Really all I want to know is which is the best for the price and if quickbooks is a good buy if i was to get it. Thankyou anyone who replies

QB POS works fine for retail, but it’s not made for restaurants; particularly pizza restaurants. The functionality of a pizza restaurant POS is very specialized.

The biggest is delivery. If you plan on offering delivery, you’ll need a way to track delivery orders, apply del. fees, validate addresses, dispatch your drivers, keep track of their driver bank, etc. I don’t believe QB POS has any delivery capabilities.

In addition, order entry for pizza is very complex. When a customer orders a Large Combo, minus the olives, sub jalapenos, with 2X Pepperoni on only half, you’ll quickly understand that you need a POS that can handle limitless customizations.

I personally have chosen to use Point of Success and am very happy. Their software is built for pizza operations, reasonably priced, and has world-class support. You can demo their software for free.

I know there are many good Pizza POS vendors out there. Do your homework. Unless Intuit has more to their POS than what I can tell, it just won’t work very well for a DELCO pizzeria.

Firefly, Speedline, or Point of Success are by good companies.

yeah, i really just didn’t do my homework. I have communicated with Revention, Speedline, and Firefly. Revention looks the best i believe, though i haven’t been through the Firefly demo.