Quiet Conveyor? XLT, MM, or Edge

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know which of the three is the quietest conveyor oven of the 3? Doing an open kitchen concept and my old school MM PS360 is super loud and so is my friend’s new Lincoln (and I’d never buy one of these anyway but still loud!).

I like the sexy red XLT ovens but have always been told Edge is the way to go these days and I haven’t shopped for a new oven since 2004!

Is George Mills still around btw? I haven’t seen him post in awhile and I messaged him a week or two ago with no response. He’s always been really helpful!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks gents!

At the pizza expo, XLT was promoting a 10 year warranty on parts and labor if you purchase an oven and hood together. I didn’t read any of the fine print so there could be a catch, but a warranty like that would definitely sway me in that direction if I were on the fence.

Appreciate it Mondo. Are those hoods sufficient for most/all municipalities in place of an actual hood btw?

I replaced a 2007 Model XLT in 2008 with Edge ovens and the Edge was significantly quieter. Things may have changed over the last 10 years so I can’t say if this is still true. BTW, at the Pizza Expo, Edge had a “cool wall” feature on the face of the ovens that could be powder coated any color you wanted.

I couldn’t tell you I have no experience with XLT, just passing along the info. Those hoods sure do look like they would work well though. I’m hoping somebody with one of those hoods can chime in.

Edge is the quietest of the 3 and they are well built and easy to maintain.

Many of our clients use the edge ovens they all report they are quieter,
burn less gas and expel less heat into the kitchen.

George Mills

I have all 3 of these ovens and I vote for the XLT. But it may be skewed a bit because of the hood exhaust motor at the store with the XLT being further away. I do have a decibel meter on my phone so I’ll check it out with out hood noise over the next couple of days.

Hey Joe!

This is Levi speaking on behalf of the XLT Ovens Customer Service department. I’d love to speak with you about your business and the numerous features, advantages and benefits of our equipment at any time. Feel free to give us a call (316.943.2751) or e-mail (sales@xltovens.com) so we can arrange something that fits your schedule.

Until then, have a great week!

Here are results of my totally un-scientific experiment on the quietness of these 3 ovens
I took these reading with 1 oven running and the hood off. I stood at the sandwich window and held my phone 12 inches away.

Oven 1 Middleby Marshall ps555 2002 model 86.5 decibels. This oven is a bit old and creeks a bit.

Oven 2 Edge 60. 2016 model 82.1 decibels

Oven 3 XLT 3255 2008 model 85.3 decibels

Noise winner Edge

Exactly what I would have expected from my experience.

A bit of an update. We also have Middleby wow ovens in 1 location. I did the test on that oven and it came in at 79.5

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For a quiet and reliable oven, XLT should NOT be your first choice. The Edge ovens are far superior.