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Hey everybody I was just wondering I have heard on here that some of you do not quote delivery times. I would be interested to know how you end the conversation with the customer on the phone or what you say if they ask for a specific time. Thanks

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When the weather throws a curve ball at us we will say " We are not quoting delivery times right now. We will get your order to you as soon as we can safely do so." If the customer asks for a time we repeat we are unable to give a time for your delivery. If you would like to pick your order up it will be approximately xx minutes.

We quote times, but like Daddio when the weather gets bad we stop quoting times and we even cut off about half of our delivery area (county space and we deliver to another town 2 miles away).

If we get busy enough during non weather times i have my staff trained to say we will be out there as soon as we can. If the customer wants to know exactly or just a best guess they will tell them a 30 minute window with the understanding that is merely a guess and we will not honor it.

We give an “estimated” time such as “your delivery will be around 35 - 45 minutes”. If we are quiet we normally just say around 30 minutes but when it gets busy we go for the “x to y” minutes. With bad weahter we always add the rider that “due to the weather it may be later”.
We never give a definitive time, always quoting “around x time”
We let Domino’s get all the complaints for their definite time quote i.e. " Domino’s Delivery Guarantee"

On Fridays when we are busy we tell customers right away that delivery wait is approx. 1hr to 1.5hr and majority don’t mind the wait. We also tell them to pick up if they can as it will be quicker, and most just pick up instead. Personally, waiting over an hour for a pizza is a bit much but when you are busy you are busy.

Stick RPG 2 I have the same question.

Delivery is a tricky thing. The suburban town I operate in is large, but very spread out. We do our best to stick to 30-45 minutes, but like others mentioned on Fridays and Saturdays that gets pushed to an hour - hour + fifteen minutes. I have found that even if people moan an groan initially, they’re fine with it as long as you deliver within the promised time.