R U satisfied with what U have or do you want to open more?

Do you want to open more shops? Just how big to do want to be?
Are you happy with what you have or would you like to be a household name?

Re: R U satisfied with what U have or do you want to open mo

I now have 2 stores directly, and am partnered in 2 more. I would like to end up with 10, and my partner and I are in the process of trying to create a brand which we can open up about…more?:slight_smile:

Re: R U satisfied with what U have or do you want to open mo

i would rather have one well managed store than multiple average stores

Re: R U satisfied with what U have or do you want to open mo

I think it was the pact created by the Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee, Also known as the Five Nations, who early on recognized the strength of many, is better than one.

You know the old story “its easy to break one arrow in half, but if you take several arrows and bind them together it is nearly impossible to break them”.

Well that is how I feel about business, I intend to open up Nine Stores total. I have six more to go. I hope to have them all open by 2010.

When you have multiple stores you get a better break on everything, I have a friend that owns 28 stores, and he says that his Food Cost dropped about 5% between Store # 1 and Store #5, plus he got better rates on Advertising, and he now makes his dough, sauce, and other prep items in a commissary, and delivers them to his stores three times a week, which increases consistency, and reduces employees injuries, and customer dissatisfaction.

Overall he say he has reduce his cost about 12%…

Could you imagine… For many of you that would double your profit.

I know I could have done real well with just one store, maybe make $120,000 a year, with three stores I am profiting about $240,000. and I imagine when I get to nine I will profit just over $600,000./yr.

But what is most important to me is the strength through diversity, I have three stores currently in different markets, one in a logging town, one in a ski resort town, and one in a waterfront resort town. They all have different economies that peak at different times, and they help each other out by re-allocating resources, and manpower to each other to level out the performances. Their really aren’t any peaks or valleys when you look at the whole company, which is just the way I like it. No supprises!!!