R900 Rounder is cutting small pieces of dough off each ball

We’ve been using an AM Manufacturing r900 rounder for a very long time and it’s always removed a small piece of dough from each ball but I just chalked this up to the fact that the unit was worn out when we bought it…

Yesterday I scooped up an essentially brand new unit in great shape. Manufactured June 2017 and only used for maybe 6 of those months. Same problem, if not worse than the old unit that is clearly worn out.

Half an ounce or so removed from a ball kind of sucks. I’d expect something like this from a cheaper “off brand” machine.

I have the machine installed like so:

Drop white disc in first
Place drum in unit, on top of white disc locking the drum in place
Slide in the screw making sure dough is exiting the proper direction
Put the funnel on top of the screw

Am i missing something? The videos i see don’t really show this happening. Could it be a dough recipe thing? My hydration is in line with typical NY style recipes.

I’d love advice because right now i feel like i’ve somewhat wasted money going with the “best” out there instead of something cheaper

Ours has always done this also. From from new, and day 1. I would say once in every 10-20 dough balls. They are very small though, maybe the size of a dime. We toss them in with the next batch of dough.

Bummer… One in every 10-20 wouldn’t bother me much, but this is each ball. Weird.

What percentage of water do you use in your mix?