Radiant Systems?

Has anyone considered using the company Radiant Systems?
I know they are strong competitors with PDQ, Firefly and PrISM, and they are able to adapt a full customized menu.


Radiant is one of the largest POS companies out their similar in size to Micros. They sell many different products under different names and brands their most successful in the Gasoline POS business. They are a bit infamous around here for purchasing RapidFire and discontinuing development and support which upset many board members and users. They purchased Aloha for restaurants which is sold to either Quick serve or fine dining. However they don’t typically have the features needed for pizza. Although they are getting the capabilities to do half-and-half pizza’s and can kind of do phone orders when compared to others the differences are night and day. It’s quite telling when one of the largest POS vendors doesn’t advertise in the pizza mags or even show up to a Pizza Show/Expo. It just shows that even they don’t feel capable of handling the complexities of a Pizza POS. They are a bit different than most Pizza POS systems in that they care more about selling the hardware than the software. Typically you can only use their hardware and the support is a bit on the higher side of two to three hundred a month.

Don’t bother. Use someone that specializes in the pizza business. There are dozens of POS (point of sale) ( apparently that means something else nowadays) companies that do only pizza and all do it very well. They all compete with each other and as soon as one company comes up with a new feature all the rest follow so its hard to go wrong. I’ve used speedline for 6 years now at 3 locations and have never had a problem that wasn’t resolved within minutes.