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hey guys was thinking of doing a $5.99 large C/O and running a radio spot to let customers know and have it come across as we are doing it to help them with the high gas prices was thinking of something like this:

Hi there this is Dennis with Fat Boy’s Pizza we understand that times are getting tough with the high gas prices and loss of extra family time, So we have come up with a money saving and time saving plan, call us or come by and pickup a large 1 topping pizza for just $5.99 plus tax. we also have our cheese stix, sweet stix, & 2 ltr soda to help make your dinner a complete success. So let us help you with your busy schedule and tight budget. So give us a call in Comanche @ 439-6300 or Marlow @ 658-6692 and don’t forget Never Trust a Skinny Pizza Guy

give me some feedback


First let me say that I am not an expert when it comes to radio ads.

My first impression is there is way too much information and your name and number are only mentioned once. I had a 30 second ad that had the name 6 times and the number 4 times. I still had people that either got the name or the number but not both.

By the way I find door hangers get a better response than radio ads for the money spent.

Dennis did you see our gas price magnets when you were at my shop? Could have been designed better, but it gets the point across.

Ok Paul now you have to let the rest of us in on the secret of the gasprice magnets. Come on spill the beans.

These maybe?

I change my magnets up every 5K-10K that I purchase. The ones that I’m using now have my logo, address, phone and “Gas prices got you down? Stay at home and let us deliver dinner to your door!” Nothing special, but for those that works for those that are looking for a reason to not drive to the grocery store.

We also occaisionally use our print ads to keep attention on gas prices. We use a “gas guage” with a double sided arrow. The top is gas and botton is wallet. When the gas is full, the wallet is empty and vice versa. Our text is something along the line of “Now you don’t need to choose between gas or eating! Call us for the best pizza deals in town and we will deliver for FREE!”

The more you focus on gas prices and other increasing costs, the more the customer will tip the drivers and be willing to pay a higher price for your product,

Wow Royster, I needed a good laugh. That just made my day!!!

My experience is that radio is a poor medium for call-to-action advertising (special offers). It is more effective for name recognition and positioning.

Also, when you do mass media advertising that concentrates on special offers, you are telling the consumer that the reason to buy from you is price. Fundamentally, this is a mistake unless that is the only thing you can think of that makes you different.

Before you invest in radio advertising take a look for the book “Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads”…For less than $20.00 it will give you lots of great ideas of what to do and what not to do…IMO unless you have a pile of cash and you can run a long term consistent program radio advertising does not work well…The exception is short term ads to promote a special event but even this is improved if you do a mixed media campaign…

I like it, a simple and concise message. …save time, stay at home, I’ll bring dinner over and it won’t cost you any more…
that’s the message I get
I do’t know how to measure the effectiveness of the radio offer,
hope it will be so good that it will be hard to measure
good luck with it,

I agree with Otis, the ad looks itself looks good. I also agree with other above writers, that radio really isn’t the best medium for the pizza biz. All that said, I find that it has worked for me to advertise what makes me different, rather than a price special, and instead of putting my phone # in the ad ( because unless you have a catchy jingle that helps them remember it, there is no way they will remember your # from a radio ad so why put it in) I tell customers where to find the # by directing them to our website or our menu in the yellow pages of their phone book. This way i promote our website which gives them a full menu and the # to call. It has worked well for me.

I had some ideas for pepping it up.

Hi there; this is Dennis from Fat Boy’s Pizza and we understand high gas prices and loss of extra family time are hitting everyone these days. So Fat Boy’s Pizza has come up with a plan to help YOU hang on to more of your hard-earned money and valuable family time. Call or come by Fat Boy’s Pizza to pickup a large 1 topping pizza for just $5.99 plus tax. It’s our affordable, high quality dinner solution for a family on the go. Fat Boy’salso has our legendary cheese stix and sweet stix, plus 2 ltr soda to help make your dinner a complete success. Let Fat Boy’s Pizza help you with your busy schedule and tight budget. Call Fat Boy’s Pizza in Comanche @ 439-6300 or Marlow @ 658-6692 and don’t forget Never Trust a Skinny Pizza Guy!

NIck that was awsome thanks it gave me a tingle sounds exactly what i need

i should let you write all my ads

thanks again