Radio Advertising for Cheap!

Hey everyone,
Here’s an idea for cheap advertisment on the radio. Every year, to kick off the spring season, our local radio broadcasters have this “Listeners Appreciation Spring Auction”. Here’s how it works:

  1. Advertisers offer up merchandise for the auction. We usually offer $25 gift certificates (ten each), and a pizza-a-month for a year.

  2. When your item comes up for auction, listeners have fifteen minutes to bid. Since we offer a bunch of coupons, our name comes up all day long. That customer can buy as many of those coupons as they wish for that price. For the next day, any coupons that are left are up for grabs for the highest bid price.

  3. The radio station keeps the proceeds, the listeners get great deals, we make some happy regular customers and snag a couple new ones, and we get straight across trade for advertising (10 $25 coupons = $250 worth of air time) Not to mention we are talked about all day long during the auction on five AM/FM stations, and the really talk us up! It helps that we are on a first name bases with the announcers. It’s not by accident, we take our kids in to make commercials, and when we hear them out doing fundraisers, we feed them lunch.

Another Idea, I’ve mentioned this one before:
The station offers free dinner at our shop for the News Tip of The Week. Our name is mentioned hourly, with the news every day, and all it costs us is one meal weekly!

Tom R

Now that’s the way to do it!

Great information Tom.

Your actual cost out of pocket is closer to $80 or $90 depending on food costs. Brilliant maneuver.

We offer gift certificates to local events for door prizes and auctions, too. We like supporting local events, and getting our name into people’s ears more often. We don’t have a local radio station . . . so I’m going to start looking into what sorts of promotions are going on this spring with schools, churches, and county-wide organizations.

Thanks for the reminder to check!

Yep Nick, your right. At about 32% we’re at $80!