Radio Scripts?????

i thought there were som radio ad scripts on here i cant seem to find them anymore any help will be appreciated



A pre-fab radio commercial with nothing unique is a way to spend lots of money for few or no sales.

Here is some information to help you get an idea of how to start putting together a radio commercial that will work:

There’s this roofing company in Phoenix that is all over the radio. The guy that runs it is named Monty. Monty has a very strong Scottish accent. His radio commercials are voice only with no music and are impossible to miss. Over time a noticeable ad like this plants the company’s name in your head so you can’t help but think of it when you’re looking for a roof!

I like the radio commercials that take unique advantage of the medium, like a company that makes evaporative coolers did about 20 years ago in the Phoenix market.

Arizona is HOT and an excellent place to use a cooler when the humidity is low and the temperature isn’t much over 100 degrees. The problem with coolers is that they used to be made of metal, which rusts out over time and requires the cooler to be replaced. This company came up with the idea of making their coolers out of plastic that didn’t rust. In the radio commercial the announcer banged on the top of their cooler then did the same with a metal cooler. This drove home with amazing effectiveness their best feature – the construction of the cooler and their elimination of the biggest problem with coolers.

Your radio commercial needs to say what’s different, new or unique and why a customer would want to buy your pizza.

Like this:

Announcer: I’m Bob with Bob’s Pizza. Let me tell you about our amazing Super Supreme pizza. You can’t hear the quality of the ingredients that go into every batch of our supreme crust. You can’t hear the care we take to select only the finest tomato products for our hand-made sauce. You can’t hear the way our ovens bake our pizza to a mouth-watering golden brown. But you can hear what our customers think about our pizza! (Sound effect: multiple people overlayed – mmmmmmmmmmmm) The best part is that we’ll bring one of our fabulous pies to your door right now! Do something delicious for lunch or dinner, not the same old tired pizza.

Then tell your customers how they can get your product. Restaurant locations, an easy-to-remember phone number, web site, etc. are all good things to talk about. Say the name of your restaurant three or more times in the commercial and spend no time talking about things that will not contribute to a sale! Reciting an impossible to remember phone number, talking about your ample free parking, or other similar things will not sell more pizza!

By the way, radio advertising isn’t the best choice unless nearly everyone in the broadcast area can get your pizza easily. Radio is a medium that requires repetition to be effective, more so than any other type of advertising. If you’re planning to run just a few spots, save your cash. A longer term commitment is necessary to get the impact you want. If it’s a short-term mega promotion with frequent advertising, this can work too.

My past experience is that radio advertising does not work…

There is some good reading on this subject in this book… … 1885167393

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I think this statement is too broad to be useful. I believe you when you say that radio advertising didn’t work for you, but if radio advertising didn’t work for anyone there would be no commercial radio stations.

Can you give us more information about the campaign? Details like the offer, the commercial and your business can help to understand why your campaign failed.

Repetition repetition repetition is required to make any radio campaign work…My first attempt for a pizza place many years ago involved purchasing too little rotation on a station that reached far to wide an audience for my little pizza place…2 spots an hour for 12 hours a day for 9 weeks…I did not see any results after spending over C$6,800…

As I recall I was trying to get my new lunch business off the ground…I was on the air each night from 6 PM to 12 PM and each morning 5 AM to 11 AM with my daily lunch special…I do not think I ever had more that 20 customers for lunch…So after 9 weeks lunches were abondoned…


I agree with Jeff that for radio to work you have to be very consistent. I was part of a large sports bar chain here in Arizona and we spent a large amount in the two main markets every single month for the whole twelve years that I owned one of the stores. The ads that really stood out and got your attention were of course the ones that worked the best as well. You have to reach out through their speakers and wake them up somehow! In my new pizza place I am going to go more for a grass roots neighborhood type of advertising. I am going to sponsor all the little leagues I can, do school reading and grade programs, donate equipment to the parks, and many other things in the same vein. As a one store operation I think radio would only work for things like grand openings and really big promotions.

Here are a few radio advertising realted articles we have ran in pMQ. Maybe this will be of some assistance.

thanks tom that is what i was looking for

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Yes The Radio Ads Will Work for : a sports bar chain (BOOZE is theDraw!)