Does anyone play Pandora kr Sirius in their restaurant…if so what is the easiest way to do it

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be careful. if you don’t have proper service (commercial) you will be hunted down and fined.

pandora for business is a little less than $30/month

Pretty good mixes with thousands of channels. Also has a filter for naughty words :slight_smile:

Do you use iPad or a turner to play it

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They send you a little box you have connected to your network and to your sound system. You log onto the box via a web browser to pick/change channels.

Is that with pamdora?

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Yeah I use Pandoras commercial version. It’s done/licensed through and they just send you a stand alone box.

I got tons of letters and calls about music licensing over the years but the main reason I went legit was so I wouldn’t have to keep pressing “are you still listening?” on my iPod :stuck_out_tongue:

I run commercial internet radio through Itunes, I used to like apple radio, but they killed that service.
Beware of ASCAP & BMI playing music that is not on a commercial station.
I also play local stations off an internet feed. I just have my receiver hooked to a computer terminal for that