Raised my prices, Business BOOMING!!

Sounds kinda like an infomercial doesnt it?

Well, ok, raised my prices is sort of not right, and BOOMING is a little of an overstatement. BUT!! Traffic, Sales and Average Ticket are definatley UP UP UP!! YAHOO!

I was a 1 price, 1 pizza kinda place, now we are a 2 for 1.

Example: 1 Lrg Supreme, old price 22.75, new price 35 for 2 or for 1 pizza 40% off (for you math so not inclined 21.00) So pizza prices are cheaper individually, and even better deal when purchasing 2.

Business was going in the tank, and who knows, still might. BUT a change had to be made, I knew I was to expensive, but didn’t know what to do about it…

Called my distributor, got a couple price breaks, switched from sliced meats, to slicing my own (yes, i know, i know, should have done that long ago…), shopped around for better produce pricing (have to buy larger quantities, but lowered fridge temp 2 degrees, and they are keeping great), traded a local newspaper a couple of sample days at community events for free advertising and…

All this added up to some cost savings, and i am running at a slightly higher food cost even that considered, but cash flow is up, bills being paid…so…


canuckfan, 2 things

  1. add me to face book
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2)and buy the green produce bags,
I started using them with my produce (mainly spinach and WOW you double you shelf life!