Random Marketing Idea

I have been running a Fire Prevention Week program with the Fire Department where they come with me on a random delivery once a night. For more details see my facebook group Daddio’s Pizzeria Lovers

Tonight I had a thought and was wundering how it might work out. If a random number were drawn at the start of each day and the order corisponding to that number were to be on the house would that increase business?


This is a very small version of what Big Dave in his store. He gave away pizzas for tips on a Friday night. Staff worked for tips only and pizzas were free paid only by tips. It worked really well for him and became an annual event.

Giving the order on the house is a good and cheap way of building loyalty.

You can do it by doing all customers for that week, night or what ever you decide. You call always manipulate it by putting all orders in one time and newer customers and less frequent ones other times. This way you reward all and foster good relationships with the others which may be a good PR sales builder.

Anyway you go at it the costs are minimal and the outcome can be rewrding for you.

Go for it.


I think it would be a good idea on smaller orders but what if you mailed them a gift certificate for a free pizza?

I randomly give away lunches to our dine in customers and thank them and it helps with building relationships.

you said “random”, here’s a quick one that worked for us !

http://www.aimlessmovie.com/photos/2006 … G_5555.jpg


My wife and I have this as part of our opening promotions plan from a few years ago, and don’t know why we didn’t use it. We just got too busy and forgot it. Let me know if you try and it works out.

I think it is ever better on the larger orders. A customer orders $45 worth of groceries, and then find out it’s FREE. It costs me about $15 in food, and customers hear through grapevine that I sent out $45 free order. I would expect to see a slight keep in ticket average after a few large payouts like that . . . what daddio is suggesting has a strong psychological backing. Think about slot machines, if nothing else.

It is called a variable ratio of reinforcement. They never know which “behavior” (order) will be the one that pays off, so the customers will tend to exhibit the target behavior (ordering) more often to make sure they hit the one that is the payoff. What’s more, they will tend to orderer slightly more in hopes that the payoff will be bigger for them.

If you get good response on the one free meal a day . . . market the begeezus out of this promotion . . . then you might consider two a day - one delivery and one take-out, or whatever. You just might(should) find that your existing customers are ordering slightly more frequently, and higher ticket value.

Here is an update on the Fire Prevention On The House promotion. The deal was at random I would have the firemen come with me on a delivery to check smoke detectors then the customer got their order free. I had a feature article in the Wednesday paper. Thursday was crazy with delivery orders. 13 new customers and 10 who had not ordered in over 3 months. Thursday the local tv station ran a community events segment and the reaction was the same for tonight.

The prospect of free pizza must be the draw.

Domino’s likes your idea:


I’m not sure if you all saw it but here is the new report on the promotion.

This is such a cool marketing idea!! I love it. I think Nick got the psychology down exactly. Keep us posted if you keep doing this with out the Fire Dept. and what the results are! What a great idea, I’d fall for it! Sometimes I just need a [size=2]little [/size]excuse to order pizza! :wink: