Random question but does anyone have a dog menu

We have a rather busy patio during the summer months, Our GM, and us, want it to be busier and she thought about having a dog menu for food for dogs. We have already thought of chicken and rice, veg and rice and frozen peanut butter bites. We were wondering if anyone else on here does that and if so would they be willing to share their menu. Or if anyone has suggestions we’d love to hear them! Thanks in advance

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I would start by asking your regulars how they would feel about it and if they have any suggestions. Leave out a questionnaire on the patio tables or have your servers hand them out, maybe offer an incentive if they do it (5% off their bill, free draft, etc). Although it might sound like a good idea to you it might not sound good to your customers so what ever business you might bring in, you’re at jeopardy of losing the current customer. Just get a feel for it. Check out some dog owner forums and ask on there, do a poll on Facebook, ask what type of food people would like to see. This is trend that is starting to pick up. Maybe reach out to a business that already does it and ask them how it’s going.

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Check with your health department. Ours has specific limitations and instructions on serving dogs. Dogs are prohibited from being served food and may only be served water in a disposable dish. Signs must be posted, etc. Before opening up a can worms look into this before you have to backtrack on everything. Dogs aren’t as clean as humans (at least some of them!). :wink:

I know this is an older topic, but I haven’t been around much lately. Another thing you may want to take into consideration is that some dogs are food aggressive and may lash out if a child gets too close while they are eating. We own two dogs, one of which I do not ever take to a public place where he will have the possibility of interacting with strangers, especially children because every once in a while he meets someone he doesn’t like. Other than that he is the sweetest little guy and very protective of the family. One day he tried to nip a waiter at Tito and Cali’s in Athens Ga. who was rushing past our table. That was the last time he ever went to a dog friendly patio.