Rank Your Days Of The Week

I can’t seem to generate any kind of momentum on my Thursdays, is this the same for any of you? I’ve been able to triple my Sundays after I had almost given up on them a couple months ago. I thought it might be interesting to see how you all would rank your days of the week.

Mine are:

  1. Friday
  2. Saturday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Sunday
  5. Monday
  6. Thursday
  7. Tuesday


our thursdays are really good, sometimes as busy as fridays, don’t know why! monday and tuesdays defintally our slowest.

  1. Friday
  2. Wednesday

Mon, Tue and Weds are basically the same but Mondays have the potential to be good sometimes. Our Thursdays can be really good sometimes. I guess because it is just closer to the weekend?

  1. friday

  2. tuesday, yes tuesday

  3. saturday

  4. thursday

  5. wednesday

  6. sunday

  7. monday

    Yes I know you are all thinking that I’m pulling your leg about tuesday, but check it out. Tuesday used to be THE slowest day of the week for us, by a mile. So a few years ago I started a special called “Pepperoni Tuesday”- any pepperoni or other one topping pizza for 9.95. The first week we did 12, the second week we did 34, and so on. We would stick in the 50’s and 60’s for months. We consistenly pull 120-140 every tuesday now with a high of 181 on Halloween a couple of years ago.
    We now charge 10.95 and the numbers did dip slightly for a couple of months, but they are back up to where they were. Additional toppings 1.95 each. Upsell-- extra cheese? Some wings to share with the fam tonight?
    That has been the only special we have ran, but we are rolling out specials for every day of the week soon. Maybe not as discounted as Tuesday, but we should have some kind of special for every day.

  1. Friday(Saturday during college football season)
  2. Saturday
  3. Thursday
  4. Sunday(commonly beats Thursday, but in general, slightly lower)
  5. Wednesday
    6/7. Monday/Tuesday(interchangeable depending on the week)
  1. Fridays
  2. Saturdays
  3. Thursdays
  4. Sundays
  5. Mondays
  6. Wednesdays
  7. Tuesdays
  1. Friday/Saturday
  2. Wednesday/Thursday
  3. Sunday/Monday
  4. Tuesday

There is not enough consistancy to separate days like Friday and Saturday. In any given week one or the other will be the best day of the week, but which is best changes often from season to season.

  1. Friday
  2. Saturday
  3. Thursday
  4. Monday
  5. Tuesday or Wednesday
    closed sunday

Friday = 28%
Saturday = 22%
Sunday = 17%
Thursday = 11%
Wednesday = 8%
Mon / Tuesday = 7% each - public holiday Monday can be as big as Sunday and we get about 8 of these each year


Thanks guys, this confirms for me that something isn’t working right on my Thursdays.