Rant Alert! Graphic designers "need" to change things.

Maybe I am being a grumpy, old, bald, fat pizza guy but I would think that people in the graphic design industry would realize the value of consistent branding. If you look at my avatar you see what I have used for my branding from magnets and t-shirts to the decals on my vehicle.

I have just gotten a quote for custom boxes. I made a prototype and sent a photo of it to the company along with my graphics files. When I got the initial layout the designer had completely changed my logo. They took it upon themselves to move the cartoon in front of the oval and change the font so it no longer follows the curve of the oval and made the name smaller to fit. They changed the shape and style of the thought cloud as well.

I had a menu designer do much the same thing and also use a totally different cartoon that he thought looked “more Italian”. Some say the cartoon I am using looks like me but it is a friend who is no longer with us.

End of rant! I feel better now.

Tell them to go back to the drawing board…A consistent look is important and a logo should not change…

You can imagine how passionately they were told.

I agree, I think your logo is awesome, it sticks in my mind…and does get me thinking about pizza.

Every profession has idiots, and it seems as if you fond the ones in designing pizza boxes

I like your original, it has character that sticks with you. It would be interesting to see a pix of what they transformed it to…

Daddio's 003.jpg

It is not “bad” just not what you asked for…I find when doing layouts I occasionally TAKE “liberties” and my clients need to “smack me” back to the target…

To me it is totally out of balance. Maybe it is OCD but it makes me cringe to look at it.

I have to agree with Daddio, that new version is just bad

I agree it is out of balance…I would probably enlarge Daddio and slide him left a bit and put the feet on the same level as the website…I do not have much training as an “artist” so there may be more tweaks that can be done…That would include how the lettering is placed…

The whole point is it didn’t need to be “fixed” because it is my brand the way I submitted the graphics. To make a change makes my branding inconsistent.


Thanks for posting the new one… sure not what you asked for, and sure not minor tweaks!

It would be interesting to put the two logos side by side (same overall size) and do a blind vote with unaligned folks to see which one hits the public better. Sometimes you never know what potential customers align with. That said, I am a big believer in Tradition, with a big “T” ! I like it when things don’t change…

I am big fan of consistency in branding… but with that said, things can evolve over time and as long as they stay recognizable the consumer will go there with you. Here are two logos… one that we used from the day we opened and another that we replaced it with after about 14 years to “update” our look: (Note, I ASKED for the change. It was not just done by designer without input or request)

soda creek logo.JPG New logo jpg.JPG

Brands either evolve, or die. Sitting still isn’t an option. Now, that doesn’t mean the logo has to evolve constantly, but it certainly isn’t out of question. Some of the BIGGEST and most recognizable GLOBAL brands have evolved their logos over the decades.


Part of the advantage of being a “little” guy is that you can zig and zag when you want to and it doesn’t take a huge committee or board of directors to make a decision. Being emotionally attached to something doesn’t always serve our best interests. After 4 years I refreshed my logo this year and although I was scared to do it and it will cost me a little bit of money as I re-order a few things a little quicker than I might have as they wear out… I feel like it was totally worth it. The best part is I polled a group of people night attached to the outcome and they over overwhelmingly ( 2 to 1 margin ) selected the new logo over the old logo. Sometimes, change is good!