I had posted a question to Steve Green in the Ask the Expert and it describes my wife and I’s situation. We have owned a franchise for 6 years and the chain is ran by a couple of friends who really don’t have much background in the business. If you read my post to Steve, you’ll understand. Anyways, when we had our NT based Rapid Fire POS installed, the only training we really received was on how to take an order and modify order screens for a couple of hours the day before opening. It did come with some sort of a manual, but it doesn’t really cover a whole lot. We paid $20K for a four stations system (first timers so I don’t know how bad we got taken) and I’m sure it is capable of doing a heck of a lot more than take orders and layout screens. How would I go about getting more info on using it for marketing? After 6 years of usage, I’m sure it needs some kind of customer cleanup performed. I would love to know how to do it properly so I don’t mess up the current customers. And it would be nice to know anything else this $20K system is capable of.

Thanks for any info you might have and have a great day!!


Hi Mike,

POS Hotline offers support and service for RapidFire systems:


I used RapidFire for marketing at Imos from 1997-2003, before I opened Napoli Pizza. If I can help, email or DM me.