Hello Mr Rasmussen,
as a new employee (Sales and Opeartions Manager), whereby an American chain is taking over a Pizzeria in Halifax and then intent to franchise the American brand all across the esatern coast of Canada, i am worried as to what my role would be witihn the orgainization. What should i specifically be doing to improve revenue streams and then branch this pizza ristorant in other areas of the city. Please help me envision what role i will be playing in th escheme of things to be successful. Thanking you. Kieran


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Hi Kieran

I would focus on duplicable systems that any operator outside of your franchise could pick up your manual and operate the restaurant.

I would ingredient cost each menu item and have a detailed listing of suppliers for a franchisee to choose when coming into your system.

Consistency in the Brand is very important.

I would read every Branding book you can put your hands on.

Hope this helps.