rate of pay?

what is everyone paying their Pizza makers, cooks, and prep guys? Thanks!

There are going to be some huge variables so maybe replies w/ state minimum wage and experience will be more helpful.

Min wage just went to $10.20/hr, next jan 1 it goes to $11.10, then the year after that it goes $12.00 + adjusted for inflation every jan 1.

Small shop, only 6 insiders and 5 drivers at the moment. Insiders make $10.50 to $12/hr, managers make $13.50/hr and prep guy makes $15/hr

state minimum 10.10 but we pay pizza guys approx $15/hr…we pay everyone above going rate and are able to retain quality reliable employees this way

Min wage is $11. Insiders - Drivers - Prep make $12 to $14
Managers make more than I care to disclose.

Spill the beans pirate.

Curious why do prep guys get the most pay? is it hard?

I think he has some prep guys at a central commissary doing dough, etc. this may be the prep guys @pizzapiratespp is referring to.

Just to clarify, all groups are under the same pay scale.

Insiders ( phones, cashiers, pizza maker types ) mainly part timers $12-14

Drivers ( same as inside but driving ) $12-14 + tips. Part timers make more per hour because they generally scram at the end of the rush. Full timers make a bit less per hour because they spend a little more time in store during off times. But make good money anyhow

Prep crew is a mix of full and part timers. $12-14

These rates will go up $1 per year for the next 4 years.

In my neck of the woods it is very hard to find full time people. Many places hire only part time so they then work for us part time also. Works out great for everyone. We get people who only want to work our busy hours. The employees get a flexible schedule and all the hours they want or need. Most work around 50 hours a week. Some guys have been able to arrange a 4 day workweek and pull down a good 50K to 60K a year. They love it. I have grown to love Obama Care. Please don’t take it away.

You’ve got to be approaching 50 full time equivalent employees at your busiest location? I guess that only matters if you have at more than 30 that work enough to meet the full time threshold of 120 hours a month? The first 30 are exempt from penalties, correct? I haven’t paid much attention to this since selling my second shop. Current store has 23-25 full time and 10 full time equivalents. It wasn’t real clear to me if the two stores would be combined to meet the 50 FTE equivalents so this weighed in pretty heavily on my decision to sell the second shop.

Its was about the most complicated calculation I ever did back a few years ago. At the time we were at 55 FTE. Now we are around 75 FTE company wide. In our small little world the ACA ended up being a big nothing burger. We had 50 additional people who qualified which could have cost us upwards of 20K a month. ( a bit of a worry there ) We offered insurance to all 50. 6 people purchased insurance but 3 of those cancelled it after a few months. Its now costing us about $900 a month in addition premiums and about 2k a month paperwork requirements.

There is plenty free insurance available here in California. There is no need for people to purchase it.

Thanks for all the feedback. I was really more interested in the philosophy behind everyones pay scale. I know there are industry standards and percentages that get imposed on us as owners but like many of you have stated I have a difficult time finding reliable help. I believe it’s worth paying more for retention purposes. Long term this approach should be profitable.

That was probably my mistake- I chimed in with the min wage, etc.
When I opened my last DP store, we payed high for the area in an attempt to do what others here have mentioned- attract and retain. Did it work- to a certain degree but then that “attractiveness” seems to dissipate, if that makes any sense.
We were next to a Dunkin Donuts and their managers were make $10-12 (2001) and I was starting CSR’s at that.

Paying a bit above market will help a little in the retention department. I rely mostly on just saying “thank you” as much as possible.