Rated #46 Nationwide on Yelp

We can’t believe it and seeing that Yelp is totally customer rated with owners not being able to alter reviews makes it all the nicer. Thanks everyone for a wonderful 1st year. It shows mom/pop operations can still make it in this world of franchises :slight_smile: Walter/Judy


Congrats Walter and in short order no less! Pizzas look great and hope to make it up to Reno sooner or later. Looks like you use Ezzo pepperoni?

thanks Joe. I look forward to your visit and know how hard it is to get away. We still only know the route to the shop, grocery store, home :slight_smile: We use a small vendor for the pepperoni who doesn’t distribute. I have used ezzo back east. Walter

cheers walter!


First of all congrats…

Yelp can be pretty frustrating. Here is some info on how they operate:




Thanks for that information. We haven’t spent a dime with Yelp. Walter

Me either. But, my bet is that they start calling soon to solicit your business. They did that with us when we were rated the best pizza in Steamboat… It is how they do things.

The Yelp guy here called when we first opened and I told him we do not spend any $ on advertising. He said OK and I have not had a call since but when I was in Ohio running the Smiling with Hope Bakery as my high school classroom they pressured me. The rep out here is a good guy. We do have 11 or so reviews removed and you have to click a few steps to see them. We have been the top restaurant/pizzeria in Reno for at least 6 months. Walter

these are all old articles…are no journalists writing about this anymore? (I should prob check the internet myself but its Friday and the rush just ended and i’m tired…maybe ill check Monday)

Ranked #46 in what way?

You have a great Yelp listing, no doubt. But you only have 104 reviews. 104 perfect reviews makes a place the 46th best what in the nation?

That list is silly.

I have to admit I just googled and did not check the dates. However, the legal decisions which allow them to manipulate the process are still in force as are their business practices which have been described as “borderline extortionary”

Here are some more interesting links regarding the monster that we love to hate:





After years of calls from Yelp, despite my overall hatred of their unfairness towards buisness owners livelihood by allowing customers to slander you ‘bc they feel like it’ I decided to advertise with them about a year ago, After arguing with the rep for 10 mins about yelp he said to me “Yelp is here the ship youre arguing about has sailed” I thought he made a solid point so I figured Id try it for a few months.
Overall they do bring customers, espcially on the weekends, out of towners are directed to me.
One gripe that really gets on my nerves from Yelp is this: They call you to discuss whatever they want to sell you. I say now is not a good time so we agree that the rep will call me on Weds at 2:00pm. She says okay Ill call you on 2:00pm Weds then confirms with me again, lets me know its in her calender etc. So Weds 2:00 comes and goes no call. Now its 4:30 my Daughter and I shopping I get a call- Hey its Katie from Yelp calling. I say I told you to call at 2:00. She responds oh sorry I had a meeting-then continues on with her agenda. I respond with “see this is what pisses me off about Yelp. You call me 2 and a halfhours late, and thats perfectly okay. If I brought a delivery 2 and a halfhours late, Id get a 1 star review posted online for the whole world to read. So do I get to post a review on you? Something that would read like - yeah that girl Katie that works at Yelp is tottally incompetent, she called me like 4hrs after we agreed. Im never doing buisness with them again and telling everyone I know they suck”