Raw or Parr-cooked

Been hand pinching fresh sausage right on the pizza since we’ve opened 11 years ago. Business is good and guests like our sausage pizzas. My question is, to speed up the make time of pinching sausage on pizza, would it make “cents” to par cook our sausage to speed up the make time when sausage is on the pizza? I just had almost a complete turn over in employee’s (12) and it gets backed up pretty early on the weekend rushes with all the new kids trying to pinch sausage and to keep the consistency the same for all. What do I do? We use about 200# a week

I have tried both and yes par cooked sausage is faster. but, i feel you loose something when you don’t pinch raw sausage on a pizza. It just doesn’t taste the same. and, being in the midwest I’m sure sausage is one of your most popular toppings, for me it’s #1. I’m just not willing to loose that fresh taste. but play around with it, you may feel otherwise.