RD Sorrentos Cheese

Ok so I send a family member down to RD with a list complete with brand names of the things I wanted, they come back with “Sorrentos Cheese” never heard of this brand never tried it.
I wanted “Supremo Italiano”

Anyone use the brand Sorrentos and how does it compare to others, I dont want to open the case, going to take back

Sorrentos a great cheese i used to use it all the time when I switched from grande(too pricey).
You have a great product I noW use supremo italiano and prefer it and its cheaper around here.

I dont get too hung up on brands of mozzarella as long as it melts nicely. The actuall “cheese taste” comes from the grande romano cheese i sprinkle on top of every pizza. Thats where i focus most of my attention.
Last month my saving money personality took over and I bought a cheap romano blend that had no taste, then quickly swutched back-night and day difference

I tried Supremo & really liked it cost $1.80# Sorrentos was $1.86, so wasnt sure if i should take back or just use it

If youre like me and hate of to use products just to get rid of it, id take it back, just a warning sometimes vendors give me a hard time bc some not refridgeerated during transport. But i think restaurant depot is easier

We use their provolone logs for our subs. We are in the process of switching over our pizza cheese to Sorrento. When we started, it was more expensive than what we had that we were happy with. Now that I can get it myself at RD instead of having it delivered, and for cheaper than my delivered cheese, I tried it side by side with my current stuff and didn’t notice a difference so I’m switching to it. Anything I can switch to Rest Depot without sacrificing quality, I’m trying to do. It’s usually cheaper and I can pick it and see it with my own hands. My favorite part is probably that there is a price and I can decide if I want to buy or not. No secret, “well, let me see if I can work out a better price than that” racket that I get from suppliers.

Sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be a supplier rant. In short, I’ve used it and I’m happy with it.

We use sorrento mozzarella for our pizzas its a great tasting cheese for a really good price. We also use sorrento ricotta and it also has a great flavor to it.