Re-Printing our Menu WITHOUT Prices?

I’ve got a two store limited dine-in, take-out and delivery operation and am re-printing a new menu every 12-14months because I’ve been raising prices that often. Has anyone ever printed their full takeout menu without pricing and just had a QR code on it for the customer to scan to take them to your online ordering site for pricing and to order? It seems the QR code is making a comeback and it might be the right time to save some money on printing costs ( I use Grande Solutions 10x17 three fold 12,500 or 25k pcs at a time ) and also have the ability to raise prices on any item at will this way. I’m sure Grande will not like the idea.

I’ve thought about doing the same. Also 2 location, casual eat in with take out and delivery. Pros of it are possibly more people order online, cons are, new customers may be lazy and go to the next place where they have prices printed, but maybe they haven’t updated them

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My thoughts. I don’t think its a bad thing per say because as we continue to move to a digital age more and more customers should be accessing your menu from your website or online ordering website anyways. For me personally, I have not looked at a paper menu from anywhere in an incredibly long time. In addition I don’t think I have ever seen places like Pizza Hut or Dominos have ever had paper menus with prices on them outside of the prices on coupons. The only issue is I know that my customers would not like it and it would be a bigger hassle dealing with the blowback from the complaints then it would be worth to me. That’s just me and my customer base though and I would take how you think your base would react to it. I also don’t think its a super big deal to just get a new menu every 12-16 months.

Our menu boards have prices and our Togo menus don’t. Way too many cost increases and with the direction of things I don’t see it changing. Some people are starting to put “market price” for things like wings. A lot of places don’t even have Togo menus anymore. It’s been the direction of things and COVID really pushed it. I really didn’t plan it but I currently don’t have them and I really have no plans to either.

It’s always a good idea to stay relevant and up with technology. Especially with the COVID situation, QR code’s are a great way to engage with customers through contactless dining (order and pay). Moreover, instead of a menu, digital menu signage can make a good impact, and it’s paperless, so updates should be quick and easy. Not sure what your margins are like, but constantly raising prices can chase customers away, especially repeat business. Maybe focus on a strategy that sells more through combos, specials, or special menu nights? Steer customers to higher profit margin items as one example. Good Luck!

Hello Everyone!

Kevin with Mailwise Solutions.

We have had a few customers print/mail menus without pricing due to the constant price changes. Note: We have not heard any negative feedback from OUR customers mailing those menus.

We have also found that anything that gets the customer to order online (which usually has the most up to date pricing) has been our customers best method to staying ahead on pricing. QR codes, promo codes on the coupons stating online only, etc… has been helpful too.

I hope that information has been helpful to everyone!
Kevin Slaughter

How has this gone for you? I just printed mine this way, set to hit homes in February.

Hi Steve,
We took the easy way out at this time. Because we’re established in our community and our menu offerings hasn’t changed, we did not reprint without prices. We simply put a QR code label on the front of our menu directing them to our HungerRush online ordering site for pricing for the time being. All efforts are being directed towards Solving the “staffing shortage”.