Reach-Ins for dough trays

I’m looking for a reach in cooler I can keep by the pizza oven to eliminate going up and down stairs for dough.

Is anyone aware of a model on manufacturer that makes a single or double (open to both) reach in where the shelving can be removed and the internal dimensions are sufficient to store standard size dough trays?

I’ve seen some reach-ins that have the ability to add racks for standard size sheet pans, but I’m not too interested in keeping dough in sheet pans so wondering if there might be an alternative

Have you looked into under the counter units? Im not sure if you could put enough dough trays for it to be wirth it.
How come you cant just pull out x amount of trays from walkin cooler for lunch or dinner rush and just grab from those?

What you are looking foe is a bakery style dough retarder.

Contact De Rose@ discount bakery

We use a True 96 inch 3 door cooler.we leave the shelves in to separate dough for our different products, but if you took the shelves out in would hold at least 18 trays.

We have removed the wheels and cut a speed rack to fit into our standard cooler.

Dough retarders are designed to operate at 43 to 48 Degrees.
Refrigerators at 35 to 38. George Mills