READ BEFORE POSTING: PMQ Classifieds Forum Guidelines

In all instances, PMQ reserves the right to modify advertisers’ listings in order for them to comply with the listed guidelines (this includes, but is not limited to, correction of spelling, grammar, language and length). All decisions made by PMQ are final.

  1. Users may only publish ads with objects and equipment related to the pizza industry. Please do not post specials, deals, or advertisments here even if they do relate to the pizza industry.

  2. The Think Tank classified service is available to all registered and confirmed Think Tank members.

  3. Users understand that PMQ only acts as the publisher of the classified service and will not be held liable for products offered or information displayed in the classifieds. All information displayed in the classifieds is the sole responsibility of the posting member. Buyers beware!

  4. Sellers must guarantee that all products and equipment offered are real, descriptions and prices are accurate and include true to life photos as needed.

  5. Sellers are required to provide accurate contact information such as email or telephone in your post.

  6. Buyers will not publish any payment information in the classifieds such as credit card, Paypal, or wire transfer instructions.