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Hey All,
I am looking for some good reading material having to do with anything pizza. Marketing, food cost, recipes, profit margins, financials, delivery really anything. Any suggestions?

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You are at the place where I would say the best information in the pizza industry can be found, The Think Tank. If you want to have neat little packages to read here are a few suggestions.

I have been re-reading Roy H. Williams books: The Wizard of Ads, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads and Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads for marketing in general.

Scott Anthony has a book Profits in the Pie which is a good read.

Micheal Shepherd’s book Growing Pizza is also a good refresher on the industry.

Bill Martin has written Cashing in on Complaints which has some sound advice.

The Original Encyclopizza by John Correl is my best source related to the pizza production.
American Pie: My Search fo the Perfect Pizza by Peter Reinhart gives you a look on various pizza kinds around the world

The Black Book by Kamron Karington is the gold-standard pizza marketing resource. It’s about $300 and worth it! Kamron’s other book is Gun to the Head marketing (I got it on amazon for less than $20). I have both and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

One book everyone should read, and it’s free is: My Life In Advertising/Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins…. just Google it and you’ll find a free PDF on the internet… all good advertising and many advertising/marketing books today (mine included) pull from Claude’s principles… if you are a student of marketing - this is a great place to start…

As a marketing professional with 7+ years experience in the restaurant industry, I highly recommend The Black Book by Kamron Karington.

It is loaded with information that REALLY works.

Can you not buy “the Black book” by Kamron Karington anymore?

I have one I will sell.

how much are you asking for it?

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Daddio, any word on that book?