Ready-to-use pizza screens - advice needed

Good morning, fellows.

We are looking for 12" pizza screens to be able to deliver the awesome pizza in Oxford, MS.

Considering our experience with seasoning the pizza screens back in Russia and the cutting edge technologies available in the US we are looking for some solution for the ready-to-use pizza screens.

What can you suggest? I suppose it will be more expensive than aluminum pizza screens but it could be worth the trouble.


What kind of oven are you using? What style of pizza are you making?

We are going with conveyor ovens and making as close to artisan style pizza as we could in a fast food environment ))

My suggestion is to check out the Lloyd’s Quick Disks or one of their other products. They work great in conveyor ovens.

I agree with the above comment, the Lloyd pans hex discs are what we use and no or very little seasoning necessary on first use and none thereafter.

The Hex Disks are designed to replicate the baking properties of a conventional pizza screen, no muss, no fuss, just wipe them down with a bar towel occasionally and they’ll last for years, and years, and years, you get the picture.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I used aluminum screens years ago at domino’s spray em with pam and bake them for about 10 min. Recently I noticed my friend had switched his Domino’s to Lloyd’s discs. The end quality was every bit as good as the old style screens. and I would think they will have far less sticking problems.